Tropical Paradise or Military Strip Mall?

JIM HAW, director of the environmental studies program:

“The Pentagon wants to convert an American tropical paradise in the western Pacific into a military strip mall. And the people who live on the island lack the legal standing to resist the environmental disaster heading their way. “Welcome to Guam, where America’s day begins.”

The U.S. island territory is at the center of a planned American military realignment in the Pacific, the result of a 2006 agreement between Japan and the U.S. Having worn out its welcome on Okinawa because of years of friction between Marines and the local populace, the Marine Corp plans to relocate nearly half its force — 8,000 troops — to Guam. The Navy’s attack submarine force is set to move there, and the Air Force has had a huge base on the island since 1944. Topping it off, the Pentagon, with an eye toward North Korea, wants to build a missile defense system. Over the next four to six years, the military buildup would increase the island’s already large population of 180,000 by up to 40%.”

For the full article, visit The Huffington Post.

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