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Redevelopment Is About Building Communities, Not Money

WILLIAM FULTON, senior fellow at USC’s Price School of Public Policy:

This article originally appeared in the Los Angeles Times.

“The most telling thing about the death of redevelopment in California was what Gov. Jerry Brown said about it — or, more to the point, what he didn’t say. After the California Supreme Court last month upheld a state law eliminating the state’s redevelopment agencies, Brown issued a one-sentence statement saying the decision “validates a key component of the state budget and guarantees more than a billion dollars of ongoing funding for schools and public safety.”

Are Oil Pipelines Safer Now?

NAJMEDIN MESHKATI, professor of civil and environmental engineering: “Almost all major oil and gas pipeline systems are run by operators who use computer-based workstations in control rooms. According to a major study of pipeline accidents and spills conducted by the…

Why Go Green? Ask Wal-Mart

EDWARD LAWLER, professor of business, management and organization: “Some leaders are questioning the investment value of environmental responsibility, or “being green,” but consider this: green can be profitable. According to recent data, it may be exactly what it takes to…