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Romney’s Tax Disclosure Forms Overdue

EDWARD D. KLEINBARD, professor of law, USC’s Gould School of Law, and PETER C. CANELLOS, former chair of the New York State Bar Association Tax Section.

This op-ed originally appeared at CNN.

By announcing that he will release no further tax returns beyond his 2010 and 2011 returns, Mitt Romney appears to have exempted himself from the proud bipartisan tradition of presidential nominees displaying genuine financial candor with the electorate.

What is more, his disclosure to date is in the wrong direction: It is the release of Romney’s past returns, not his current ones, that matters.

Will Romney’s Veep Choice Be the Safe Choice?

DAN SCHNUR, director, USC’s Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics.

This op-ed originally appeared at CNN.

If you agree that a presidential nominee comes to the selection of his running mate the same way a football coach develops strategy for the last few minutes of an important game, then Rob Portman and Tim Pawlenty are the political equivalents of running your fullback off-tackle.

There’s little risk associated with either choice: Both keep you moving slowly but surely in the right direction. So it’s no accident that as the polls stay close, speculation surrounding Mitt Romney’s vice presidential nominee has focused on these two eminently qualified but exceedingly cautious alternatives.

Earlier this year, when Romney trailed in the polls by wide margins, the strategic calculus was entirely different. When your team is behind by a couple of touchdowns, you put the ball in the

You Can’t Export American Universities

C.L. MAX NIKIAS, president of USC:

This op-ed originally appeared on CNN.com

“America’s research universities have been franchising their campuses overseas, in an effort to reach students in emerging markets that seem to promise an academic gold rush. These universities would better serve the national interest by revaluing the benefits of recruiting the best of the rest of the world to the United States.

The United States’ 50 best research universities have emerged as the American asset that other nations most envy. So it was only a matter of time before other nations would begin to

Steve Jobs and The Rise of Social Media

KAREN NORTH, director, USC Annenberg Program on Online Communities: “Steve Jobs saw around corners, over the horizon and into the future, changing forever our daily lives through technology. He taught us to download music. He made computers approachable through his…