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The Self-Loathing Congress

DAN SCHNUR, director of USC’s Jesse Unruh Institute of Politics.

This op-ed originally appeared at Politico.

We’ve become accustomed to the fact that the American people don’t like Congress. But what happens when even Congress doesn’t like Congress anymore?

Answer: They go home. Members of Congress are so fed up with gridlock, they are leaving the body in droves. In the past four years alone, almost two dozen incumbents have thrown up their hands and decided not to seek reelection, a number that is unprecedented in modern political history. Over the past three decades, this rate of departure is almost double that which we have seen over any other four-year period.

Rupert Murdoch: Journalism’s Mubarak

NEAL GABLER, senior fellow, USC Annenberg Norman Lear Center “Murdoch liked to brag that he was challenging elitist liberal culture by giving a voice to people who were marginalized. But that’s the trouble with releasing the populist Kraken. You think…